About SpeechMeet.Com

SpeechMeet.Com began in 1997. The assistant speech coach at Apollo High School asked Killmer Computing Inc. to write a program to generate the schedules for speech meets. She explained how the meets are scheduled, and what types of reports are required. That fall a program using Microsoft Access was written that scheduled meets. The program was used to schedule 15 meets for several different schools. As the program was refined, plans for the next version were underway. These guidelines were followed:

  • Able to run on both Apple and IBM computers.
  • Doesn't require special software.
  • Easily managed updates to the program.

As the Internet advanced in technology, the future of SpeechMeet.Com became clear. The next version of SpeechMeet would be on the web. This would allow anyone with an internet connection and a web browser to generate a speech meet schedule. It wouldn't require any special software, and it would work on Apple and IBM computers. Another benefit is that it would run on any speed machine. Since all of the schedule generation is done on the centralized web server, the local computer would have very little work to do.

Even as this version of SpeechMeet.Com is being developed, future enhancements are being planned. They will greatly reduce the amount of data entry by the host school, allow the attending coaches to enter their own registrations, and even include the tabbing process!

So try it out. Follow the link on the home page to set up a user id. Then follow the process to enter the information for a speech meet. Once all of the information is entered, click the link to generate the schedule. This will not only generate the schedule but also assign the judges. You can then view the first two pages of the schedule for free. To receive the rest of the schedule you will need to go the invoice screen and agree to the payment terms. This will display an invoice that can be printed and submitted for a purchase order. Once this has been completed, you can view the rest of the schedule on-line, download it, or print it as many times as you need. If you need to make changes to the meet registration, feel free. You can go to any of the entry screens and make what ever changes you need. When you are done with your changes, generate the schedule again. If the number of students has changed, the amount that is actually billed will reflect the changes.

The price for each speech meet that is scheduled depends upon the number of students being scheduled. This way meets that are small pay less than large meets. The price for a schedule is $15.00 plus 10 Cents per student. So the price of a meet with 250 students would be $40.00.